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This is a quick video on how to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass.

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I am Bob Pelletier of Pacific Coast Technologies, Salem Oregon. Today, we’d like to talk to you, those like myself, where you’re 20 years old inside, and quite a few years of experience. One of the things that we probably have in common, the chunk of us, are readers or ‘cheaters’. Little glasses that we have all around the house.

One of the things that as we get older, our eyes start to go. We need a little help seeing. So what I wanted to give to you today is a quick tip on how to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass.
There is an app on your iPhone, that’s kind of hidden, that’s one of the ones that comes with it, which will allow you to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass. Very handy when you need it. Sometimes you may even need it when you have your glasses on.  

Here’s how you use it. Two ways to do it, the easiest way, I believe, is to go into Settings, and then you go into Control Center, and with your control center, you can add the Magnifier to the apps.
To get to your control center, ever since, I believe, it’s iOS 7, you can grab your phone, and you can just pull down from the top of your phone to get into this, and there’s a series of apps in there. One of the apps that you can put in there is called Magnifier. 

Now, once you get Magnifier in your control center, you hit a button to add it, once you have it there, all you need to do then, is just pull it down, and it’ll be right there.  

When you pull it down, and bring up the app itself, you will see that you have a good-size window, which allows you to point the camera to whatever you wish, to help magnify, You’ll have a slider to zoom in and out, and you’ll also have a couple other cool things in there.  

You’ll have a little lightening bolt that will allow you to throw some light on the scene.

You’ll also have some contrast. If you swipe this little filter button there, and if you swipe, you can put different contrasts on whatever you’re trying to magnify, and that will allow you to see it a little bit easier. So, if you have some writing or something that’s kind of fading away, this is a excellent thing that you can do. 

You also have a shutter button to take a picture, so that you can remember what you were trying to look for. So, I hope this helps.  

Again, for some of us, gettin’ a little older there, and we need help seeing things a little bit more, or in a pinch, if you forget your glasses, you can use this as a magnifying glass. Just set the magnifier through the control center, and then, once you do that, you can swipe down, and you’ll have a magnifying glass at your disposal. Hope you found this useful.

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So, thank you once again, and have a wonderful day. Good-bye.

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