System Monitoring

If your computer is not working, its costing you money. Get that problem solved today, and equipment start making you money.

What is Systems Monitoring?


Updates are run on the various system applications, verification that the antivirus is running as expected and a backup is being performed as scheduled.

Error Log Review

All systems record logs of the computers operation including warnings, errors and informational messages. Every month I review those logs to check for pending or upcoming problems.



After all systems have been reviewed, a report is issued with status of the systems and recommendations to work that should be carried out and to what urgency.

IT Monitoring Services

Thank you for your interest in requesting more information regarding Pacific Coast Technologies IT monitoring services. Please fill out the short form below and I will get back to you just as soon as I can. From time to time I send out emails on new services and special offers, if you would like to be notified, please make sure to check the Mailing check box so that you will be included in future mailings.

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Windows Updates

Skipping regular Windows updates is a primary cause to the effectiveness of virus and malware activity. Though processing updates  can be worrisome. With this service, you can leave it to the professional.

Backup Processing

If you have never experienced a catostrophic computer failure, I hope that you never will. Though if you go through one, once, you will immediately see the value of a good backup. It is not only important to have a backup system, but to also make sure that it is working as expected. This service is included.

Anti-Virus Review

Like the backup, you will want an Anti-virus program installed and running regular scans and updates. This along with ensuring that Windows stays up to date provides great basic system coverage.

Log Review

System and application logs as well as installs and programs in the autostart are documented and tracked. This gives a monthly snapshot and history of each of your computers activity. From these logs, I can see how a computer is operating and if there are any precautions we need to take and possibly any large scale failures in the future.



Each MRS package comes with reporting received 48 hrs after the review. This report will denote any signicifcant work done, computer activity and any recommendations for work that should be done. It is also good to note that any work recommendations purchased will be done at a discounted rate.

Do You Need Monitoring?

I’ll answer that with another question. What is your pain threshold?

Why do I ask this question? Backups, maintenance and monitoring are rarely something in which we want to invest; either because it is a new system or a trusty old system that has been running fine for some time now. Though it only takes a single catastrophic incident to see the value of taking preventative measures. These measures work and it if this event does happen, it will be more of a speed bump than a severe crash.

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