IT Services Simplified

Helping Willamette Valley Small Business Owners close the gap in Cybersecurity, Compliance and a better nights sleep.

Are you tired of IT headaches?

  • Losing your IT person?
  • Long resolution times?
  • Not confident in your technology plan?
  • Not sure if you’re secure?
  • Unexpected IT costs?
  • An overworked IT department?
  • Lack of compliance expertise?

Partner with us for expert IT support, peace of mind and cost-effective IT services.

30 Years of Experience

For over 30 years I have been diagnosing computer problems and producing solutions that get it right the first time.

Knowledge Base

I’ve held certifications in network operating systems, desktop systems, received advanced training in programming, database systems and business systems.



Rest assured that when I take on a problem, I remain on it until it comes to a full resolution.


"Bob and his team have delivered first class IT support across all of our platforms with a very proactive approach. He is always available for any emergencies that come up. His services are very affordable and a great value. I would highly recommend for any small business owner that is looking for IT support.

Neil Grubb
President Craftwork Plumbing

"I would highly recommend Bob/Pacific Coast Technologies as a conductor and manager for all of your IT needs. I know he will provide the same passion and quality of service that he provides for 3D Plastics."

Lee Dundas, Jr.

Bob has been our go-to IT support across all of our platforms for YEARS! We would highly recommend Pacific Coast Technologies for any small business owner that is looking for IT support. He is reliable and knowledgeable. 5 shining stars!!!

Danielle Day
Day and Associates Insurance


Protect your systems from cyber attacks.


Getting your businesses compliant with cyber insurance. Helping you walk through the steps to become fully compliant for cyber insurance so you can get full insurance and make sure the insurance will stick.


If your systems are not working, they are costing you money. Get your problems solved.

By the Numbers


First Call Resolution

Mean Time Resolution


Customer Satisfaction Score

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